The Loudoun School of Ballet operates from a 7200 square foot, state of the art dance facility. The school has been designed to reflect an atmosphere of elegance and tradition with the latest security, health, and safety features. 
The lobby includes a reception desk, office area, water fountain, bulletin boards, and restroom. Limited seating is available, with wall mounted TV monitors to observe our classrooms. The student area includes two additional restrooms and dressing areas, hallway benches, and another water fountain. We also have a separate faculty office and two large prop, supply, and costume storage areas.

Studios A and B are 30’ x 60’ in size, with 20’ high ceilings. Features include:

•                professionally sprung, wooden and Marley dance floors

•                100 feet of double, wall-mounted barres

•                60 feet of continuous full-length mirrors on the walls opposite the barres

•                sound system and piano for accompaniment

•                DVD/VCR equipment for instructional use

•                traditional wooden rosin boxes

•                additional portable barres (if required)

•                stationary wooden benches for seating


Studio C is dedicated primarily to our younger, Rising Stars Department (ages: 2 to 7 years). Think - C is for Children! Studio C is smaller, 15’ x 25’ in size, with a new sprung Marley dance floor and a full wall of mirrors, but with an acoustic ceiling, and barres set to a lower height. Studio C’s décor is gentle and welcoming and offers ample storage for a variety of theatrical props (classroom tutus, wands, tiaras, etc.) as well as an abundance of art supplies (dance stamps, stickers, coloring papers, etc.) for our summer camps.


Studio D is our newest DANCE SPACE - a pure dance, performance-style  studio. The professional dance floor is sprung, raised, covered in Marley, and custom-built to the same dimensions as our Loudoun county recital performance sites (20’ x 60'). All classes rotate through studio D to gain performing experience. This exciting space is also used for in-studio performances, camps, workshops, and open houses.