Performing Companies





The Loudoun Ballet Performing Arts Company, Inc was founded and based off the history of  The  Loudoun School of Ballet vision in which Sheila Hoffmann-Robertson founded.  Under the guidance of Artistic Directors Maureen Miller, Lisa Starsman and Andria Jennens, LBPAC will perfrom three pre-professional ballets per season. LBPAC members include adult professional dancers and students selected from advanced classes at the Loudoun School of Ballet and surrounding schools. The company also holds annual auditions for season dancer memership as well as children's roles for the production of  "The Nutcracker.”   The Loudoun Ballet Performing Arts Company, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit performing arts organization supported by grants, patrons, business, sponsorships, corporate funding and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. 

Contact:  (703) 771-3200.



JAZZ&CO DANCE     (All Contemporary, advanced level)

JAZZ&CO DANCE is a pre-professional training company that performs contemporary work by both studio choreographers and guest artists from across the country. The goal of the company is to provide additional training and performing experience to those dancers who 
are talented and serious about their work.
 Company members are students of The Loudoun School of Ballet who have strong technical training in both ballet and contemporary dance. Dancers are chosen through an audition process. 
Our company members have gone on to dance on Broadway, Europe, in professional dance companies, and a number of them are working choreograpqhers.

The company presents two highly anticipated main stage concerts each year. We have a home at The Franklin Park Arts Center, where we open our season each fall. Our work is innovative and thoughtful, and we feel that we bring performances to the stage that enrich the audience as well as entertain it.

Typically we participate in the NYCDA and WCDE regional workshops and competitions. We are not a competition studio, but we feel that these experiences provide valuable additional training as well as performance experience and critique. We consistently have dancers who qualify to compete at the national level, though we generally do not attend as a group.

JAZZ&CO DANCE is host to a two week Jazz Intensive each summer in August which gives all high-intermediate to advanced students the opportunity to work with numerous guest teachers and choreographers.


Contact:  or (703) 771-3200.



PROTÉGÉ        (All Contemporary, intermediate level)

A year-round performance troupe selected from JAZZ V - VIII. Directed by Sharon Mercke, Cherie Maroni and Jenna Clifford, membership will be by an audition process based on individual dancer’s technical ability, stage presence, flexibility, and work ethic. Dancers must be enrolled in both ballet and contemporary styles. Goals are to perform PROTÉGÉ group dances in mid year performances, end-of-school year recitals, and the possibility of additional performances including JAZZ & CO. DANCE, local events/festivals, and attendance at dance workshop/competitions.

Contact: or (703) 771-3200.



SHOWKIDS         (Ballet & Contemporary, beginner level)

Our year-round performing group for dancers from JAZZ III - VI.  Selection is by audition process. Dancers must be enrolled in one graded ballet and one graded level jazz class. 

Contact Danielle: or (703) 771-3200.



LOUDOUN TAPS! (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

Our year-round Tap performing group for dancers levels V- VIII.  Selection is by invitation from the directors. Dancers must be enrolled in a ballet, a jazz class and a graded level tap class. 

Contact: or (703) 771-3200. 





The Rising Stars Foundation    

Founded in 2010 by Cherie Maroni, this teaching internship is open by invitation to Ballet IX and Ballet X students with exemplary attendance, attitude, and behavior.  Each intern is assigned to a specific class in the Rising Stars Department and is required to attend, assist, and demonstrate in support of the primary instructor.  In addition to gaining valuable teaching experience, interns perform as soloists with their assigned class in two recitals per year and receive a letter of attendance and completion for school transcript credit and volunteer hours.  Fundraising projects and individual donations support this 501(c)(3), non-profit educational foundation.  

Contact: or (703) 771-3200.



The Malone Foundation                               

The Teri and Shari Malone Foundation, established in 1991, is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing the talents of eighth grade students from Loudoun County schools through scholarships.  It was formed to remember twins who tragically lost their lives in a car accident shortly after finishing eighth grade.  Shari Malone was a ballet student at The Loudoun School of Ballet.  Plaques listing the names of our yearly scholarship recipients are on display in our lobby.  JAZZ&CO DANCE also performs a yearly benefit concert.  

Contact:  or (703) 669-6762.